Youth Group

Youth groups are places where young people can form strong connections with God, with mentors, and with other young people. At Connection Church, we believe in the value of establishing godly foundations in youth who are in formative stages of life. We facilitate that in small family-style settings where young people can have fun, talk about their questions, and build friendships. If you’re looking at youth groups in Redding where young people can connect, belong, and grow, consider Connection Youth.

We begin at 5:30 every Tuesday night. We meet in our youth group towards the back of the church. 5221 Cedars Road Redding, Ca 96002. This is for Jr. Highers and Sr. Highers.

Why Youth Ministry

Just like Jesus encouraged the children to come to him, so the church must create a place where young people can come to Him. And it’s going to look differently than it would for an adult ministry. Young people need a place where they can be themselves and where they can transition from childhood to adulthood in a safe environment. The world is a difficult place, and many youths are facing unprecedented pressures. Too many of them are making destructive lifestyle choices. It’s important for young people to have parents, youth leaders, and youth groups who can be involved in their lives through this transitional stage.

Why Connection Youth

At Connection Church, we believe in equipping people of all ages to live out their faith. We do this with a model of helping believers grow through the stages of spiritual development from babyhood to parenthood. We take people where they are and then we create a place for them to flourish and grow so they can be equipped to serve others. We are a community of believers who are passionate about God and about people, and that flows into everything we do and every area of ministry we operate. Connection Church Youth offers a Next-Gen ministry on Wednesday nights, as well as camps and other exciting events where youth can participate.

Connection Youth in Redding is one of the best places for our young people to grow spiritually and emotionally while connecting to others in a similar stage of life. Stop in at Connection Church on Cedars Road in Redding for more information about our youth group opportunities.