Childrenā€™s Church in Redding, California

Mission Statement

At Connection Church, our mission in children’s church is to fulfill the Great Commission by providing a safe, loving, stimulating environment for children to experience a loving relationship with Jesus Christ, where they learn what God’s Word says and how it applies to their lives, and where their desire to serve the Lord and His people are nurtured in a way that lasts a lifetime. Our children’s church in Redding is sure to be a great fit for your child.

The check-in time for your child/children is @ 9:45am.

Please keep in mind that if your childĀ has shown signs of illness within the last 24 hours, we will ask that he or sheĀ stay with you. The parents of the other children will thank you!

Connection Church Kids Hub

Our dedicated teachers and volunteers at Connection Church will be connecting your children with The Story of Jesus. They will grow in faith, learning more about Godā€™s family and following Jesus’s examples of encouragement to family and friends. What your children learn in children’s church will impact them for a lifetime.Ā 

Nursery and Littles: Ages zero to threeĀ will experience the love of Jesus through the care and security provided by their teachers and volunteers.

Preschool/Kindergarten:Ā Ages three to five will begin to know Jesus through BibleĀ stories, songs, crafts, activities, and playtime.

1st-5th Graders:Ā Children will participate in worship, prayer, teaching, and activities that reinforce the lessons showing them how to apply biblical principals to their lives.

Connection Church has something for children of every age. We’re ready to help your child get the right start in life. Visit our children’s church in Redding and help us grow our community together. Children are the leaders of the future.