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The Thank You party for Pastor Jack and Pamela was a HUGE success! Thank you so much for attending everyone! We had a great time, and so did our beloved pastors.
Some have asked to see the City Church Pop-Quiz questions and answers, so here they are, with a few extras thrown in! How many answers do YOU know???

In what year did the City Church begin?
A: 1997

What was the original name of the City Church?
A: River Valley

How many buildings have we occupied?
A: 9

How many can you name?
1. Witt house
2. North Bechelli office
3. First Nazarene Church
4. Pleasant St.
5. Cascade Theatre
6. Ballet Studio
7. First Presbyterian Church
8. 7th Day Adventist Church
9. Bonnyview Campus

What is the “R” word in City Church culture?
A: “Relationship”

What was our mission before Love Grow Serve?
A: C. A. R. E.

What did CARE stand for?
A: Communicate Hope, Advance Discipleship, Restore People & Pathways, Engage Gift Harvesters

What were small groups first called?
A: Life Streams

What is the name of Pastor Jack’s first church?
A: Christian Life Center (CLC)

Who currently attends the City Church that also attended CLC?
A: Brad & Cheryl Fulton

How many people relocated to plant the City Church?
A: 10

How many can you name?
A: Jack, Pamela, Jarred, Katelyn, Megan, Phil, Kristin, Katrina, Sara, Selima

What is the name of our “mother ship” church in Aptos?
A: The Coastlands

How many City Church members do we have that also used to attend The Coastlands?
A: 7

Who are they?
A: Jack, Pamela, Jarred, Tiffany, Dave, Ruby, Katrina

What year didĀ  Pastor Jack & Mike Logan start Qadash?
A: 2005

What animal did Pamela used to collect as figurines, magnets, etc?
A: Pigs (No pig gifts, please) Ā šŸ˜‰

What kind of business did Pastor Jack own?
A: Drapery

What was the name of the business that Pamela owned?

What is Pastor Jack’s life verse?
A: Jeremiah 6:16

In what area did Jack & Pamela grow up?
A: Santa Cruz & Watsonville

How old was PJ when he & Pamela first dated?
A: 17! (was that even legal??)

What is the name of Pastor Jack and Pamela’s pastor?
A: Daniel Brown

How many of the 5 Witt middle names can you name?
Jack Curtis
Pamela Gail
Jarred Curtis
Katelyn Elise
Megan Cerise

If you include marriage, in-law relationships, & blood relatives, who in this room is related to Jack & Pam by “6 degrees of separation”?
A: Amber Talavera

A: Katelyn – Josh – Cheryl – Mel – Frank – Amber

What is Pastor Jack’s favorite animal?
A: Trick question… Pastor Jack doesn’t have a favorite animal! But he has a LEAST favorite animal! Which is, of course, cats!

What cumbersome nickname does he have for cats?
A: “Demons in cat suits”

How’d you do???

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