Starting the Path to Recovery from Addiction

If you’ve been struggling with addiction, you’re not alone. Statistics say that over 20 million Americans from the age of 12 and older are addicted to alcohol or drugs—sometimes both. But there is hope. Around one-third of alcoholics are able to completely recover. It’s never too late to start the path to recovery.

Look for a Christian Recovery Program

Christian rehab programs (often called faith-based programs) are more effective than their secular counterparts, and studies show this to be true. The dimension of faith in these programs leads to lower numbers of relapses and more sustained positive results. Faith in God and a supportive community of believers brings an added strength to the recovery process.

The Celebrate Recovery program at The City Church is one such community. Not only is it a safe place to share and grow, but it also offers the kind of accountability needed for long-term recovery.

Consider Taking Time Off Work

When addiction is limiting your ability to be effective at your job, it’s advisable to take some time off work to focus on recovery. Many times, people feel they can’t afford to do that. However, there are some options you can consider.

  • Family Medical Leave Act: If you’ve worked at your current job for at least 1,250 hours over the course of the past year and your employer employs at least 50 people within 75 miles of your worksite, you may be eligible for the Family Medical Leave Act. While the FMLA won’t provide an income while you’re off work, it does afford you the option to take up to 12 weeks off work and gives you the guarantee of a job of similar responsibilities and equivalent pay and benefits when you return.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Some employers offer employee assistance programs that can be used for personal or work-related problems, such as addiction. An EAP usually offers free and confidential consultations and some short-term counseling services.
  • Health Insurance: Check with your health insurance plan to find out if they offer any coverage for substance abuse, mental health, and behavioral health situations. This will help to cover the costs you may incur.

Take Steps Toward a Different Lifestyle

For recovery to be fully effective, it’s important to follow the treatment plans prescribed to you by doctors, behavioral health counselors, support group leaders, and others. In addition to seeking the help of professionals, surround yourself with family members and friends who will encourage you in your goals for a different lifestyle. You may need to break off or limit contact with those who will drag you back into addiction.

Take steps toward establishing healthy sleeping, eating, and exercise habits in your daily life. When you attend to the legitimate needs of your body, it will strengthen your ability to say no to substance abuse.

At Celebrate Recovery, we celebrate every step that a person takes towards a happier, healthier lifestyle. Consider joining us each week on Monday nights to learn and grow with God and with others.