Seek Week, Tuesday – Enlarged Stability

We find the songs that David wrote primarily in the Psalms.  The exceptions to this pattern need to be given some attention.  In the historical book of Second Samuel, chapter 22, the account of David’s life is augmented with the inclusion of a Psalm he wrote after God had delivered him from the deadly pursuit of King Saul.  This beautiful song is also powerful in the truth concerning God’s strength and help for those who will look to Him with trust and expectation.

Read slowly through this chapter on this day of Seek Week.  I’d like to draw your attention particularly to verses 20 and 37.  In verse 20 David sings of the strength of the Lord to bring him out into a spacious place.  This idea runs counter to typical religious ideas that the ways of God are limiting and restricting and become even more so as you follow Him into deeper levels of faith and spirituality.  No, God’s ways lead us into broad and open places to live.  The difference is found in the kind of freedom we seek.  If you want the freedom to do whatever your external self (your flesh) desires, you will find a wide open path that leads to the gates of Hell (Matt. 7:13).  If you seek freedom from the confinements and uneven path of being chased down by death, you will find a wide open path that leads to life and peace.  We use terms like being “hemmed in” or “in dire straits” to describe places where options are limited.  God’s promise is to bring you out into spacious places.  What would you imagine that to look like in your life right now?

David goes on to describe how the Lord taught him to fight.  One of the most important elements of hand to hand combat is maintaining your footing.  If your enemy can get you off balance, they have the advantage over you.  David refers to two types of stability in verse 34 and 37.  In verse 34, he says that his feet were made like the feet of deer so that he could remain stable on the high and rocky terrain of mountain passes.  In verse 37 he describes the way that God enlarged the path under his feet, ensuring his stability.  These two verses address the work that God does in us and around us.  What is He doing today to make your feet stronger and more agile?  Be assured that He is doing that because He knows that you will find yourself on highly unstable ground.  What is God doing today to level the ground out under your feet?  Be assured that He is also doing that.  We often don’t notice it because we fail to pay attention to the works of God or give Him glory for the path-flattening work He has done in a particular day.

The enemy of your soul is seeking the opportunities when you are in threat of stumbling.  It would be good to reflect today on the fact that Satan is not the architect of our failures.  He is an opportunist.  You can minimize the opportunities Hell has to push you to the ground by receiving the grace that God is bringing to you to strengthen your feet and enlarging your path.

-Pastor Jack

“Togethering” Tomorrow:  Join with others for an early morning prayer time from 6:00 to 7:30am in the Café.

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