Ministry School in Redding, California

Ministry School

Ministry School in Redding, California

Qadash Ministry School was born out of necessity evolving into vision. There is a great need for healthy and skillful leaders to serve existing churches, but we also need new leadership for new churches, serving emerging generations. Many have heard the calling of the Lord to meet this need but they have not had viable solutions for training and preparation to answer that call. This program was designed with just that kind of person in mind.

Our Mission:
The mission of Qadash is to provide a training and instruction vehicle that will produce healthy people; men and women who are able to follow God’s calling, serving their generation with solid character, joy, integrity and great skill.

It’s in the name!

What does Qadash mean?
Qadash is the Hebrew word meaning: “to consecrate, prepare, dedicate, appoint or purify wholly.” We are building from the platform of a healthy, relational, disciple-making church to raise up leaders who can do more than preach good sermons. The call of the Holy Spirit is going out to those who will prepare themselves and continue the work of Christ in their generation.  Will you answer that call?

Who should consider Enrolling in the Qadash Ministry School?
This school of church leadership is located in Redding, CA and  designed for those who have a sense of ministry calling on their life. It is or those who are significantly engaged in Christian ministry, but want to do what they do with a greater depth of Biblical understanding and leadership skills.  The requirements of the program would exceed the desires of those who just want to know more about the Bible or grow in their faith.  Our intention is to raise up leaders who will take what has been invested in them and pour themselves out on behalf Christ’s Kingdom.

Don’t Hesitate!
The harvest is here!  God is searching for those who will answer His call of “Whom will I send?”  We pray that it will be your voice joining with ours and many others who will stand and say, “Here I am, I’ll make myself ready and willing to go so that you can send me!”