Huge Church Updates!

If you don’t know already, the church is expanding it’s reach. We are opening a new campus in Anderson California. 2864 silver street. And with the new campus we are also changing the name of the Church. As of April 1st we will be named Connection Church and our mission statement will become Connecting With God, Connecting With People. The Grand Opening of our new campus will be on April 4th Easter Sunday at 9am. We will still be having service at our Redding Campus, 5221 cedars road, but the service time will be pushed back to 11am along with the live stream. So for those of you watching at home you will need to tune in at 11am instead of 10am. And yet another update, after our second service on April 4th, we will be having a BBQ and a Raffle at our Redding campus. We hope you can join us in this celebration.