Dreams & Fears… and Fears of Dreams


I was speaking to a room full of adults about dreams recently. Now in a room full of elementary students that conversation topic is splendid; joyous even. But in a room full of adults with 25 plus years of life experience, the topic is devastating. In that room people brought up dreams like they were old relics, hardly recognizable because of the rust and decay that they were found in. Others expressed their dreams but with a faint laugh in their voice, as if they were talking about riding a unicorn one day or having tea with Big Foot. Sometimes, the chasm that exists between where we are and where we want to be is found too daunting and therefore the start of those dreams fades in our rear view mirror in our haste to leave the unattainable desires as promptly as possible.

Starting things is rough on anything. Think about your car in the morning; cold and collecting dew. Motionless and solid like a monument. But in one moment a key is turned and an electrical current sparks a highly flammable liquid that leads to an explosion; the most violent of reactions freeing up frozen gears. Solid frigid steel that was locked into place is forced to jar upwards and then a second explosion forces another reaction, hurling hundreds of once lifeless parts into a bustle of commotion and movement. Extreme temperature changes begin in a flash and friction radiates out only to be suppressed by a coolant that regulates the once rocketing heat. And your car goes through this hundreds, if not thousands of times in one year. The start is not the easiest thing in the world but it is the only way to begin. And who doesn’t want to benefit from something that is running, forcefully advancing even.

There are lots of people who only speak of a dream…only to dream about that dream beginning. Many people who, under the sleep of fear, do not start because it might be painful. Yes, it will be painful. It is guaranteed in life. Sons and daughters never arrive without pain, payday never comes without work and the car never starts without friction and an explosion. Is there a noble dream that has ever been tried and found to be wanting? Never! Only dreams untried because they were found to be too difficult. Do you want to move forward? Do you wish for the flowing of air against your face as you cut through to progress?

As we go through the beginning of anything like getting your financial world put back together, resolving conflict, or maybe even getting plugged into a community group, remember that the beginning will be rough. Don’t be surprised by it. Embrace it and push through it. There are no benefits of moving without the start. And here is some really good news. Everyone else has to start too. So join arms, take a deep breath and START today.

Pastor Jarred

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  1. Well said Pastor Jarred!
    As we drag our selfs out of bed for another 14 hour day tomorrow I will think of your words. Our dream is in full swing. We just needed a little perk up. This was just the reminder to keep going. Thank you!

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