The City Co-op Homeschool

Our Co-op is a time of cooperative Christian-based learning that will compliment and/or enhance subjects already taught in the homeschooling home. The City Co-op is an enriching environment where character, strength, and relationships are built. We offer classes from Nursery to 12th with a clear organizational structure taught by parents. We meet once a week from September thru May and we maintain a strong focus on both academics and character qualities.

This year we are excited to offer in the Nursery-Kindergarden: Bible, Sensory, Storytime, Learning Letters, Music, Health, Safety and Manners, and Apologia Science where they will Identify and Explore Flying Creatures. In 1st-2nd: Heroes of the Faith with Geography and Culture, Mystery of History U, Apologia Science, and Five in a Row Sensory and Interactive learning. 3rd-6th: Heroes of the Faith with Geography and Culture, Mystery of History U, Write Shop and Apologia Science. 7th-8th: Answers in Genesis: Body of Evidence, Mystery of History U, The Grammar of Poetry, Bob Jones University: Sound Speech and Heroes of the Faith. 9th-12th: Apologia Science, Beautiful Feet – US History, Not Grass Gov’t/Econ, Bob Jones University – Sound Speech and The Grammar of Poetry.
We will also offer sewing for 7th-12th grades with a cap on the class during the Fall semester and we will offer Art in the Spring Semester. P.E. and/or Choir are T.B.D. for the 2017/2018 school year. There is a $100.00 per semester fee per family (with an additional fee for sewing).

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Our classes start for the 2017 school year on Thursday, September 7th.