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  1. Dear folks:
    My mother is 99yo and is bed ridden. She used to attend churches in and out of her old community one. Anyway, like I said before she’s bed ridden, so I’m going to be contacting many churches and such, I would like it if as many folks possible could send her cards and letters on a regular basis ; Say a letter a month and cards for Thanksgiving & Christmas ?
    You see, the thing is is that she got old and old friends and relatives passed away, not just a few but “all” ! A few older folks her own age went to live with there sons/daughters, then there were no more to write at all.
    If you or your congregation feel so inclined I for one would be very appreciative, and you’d be making an old woman very happy. If you would please explain this to your congregation and perhaps put this letter, address up on your bulletin board, please.
    Please write to:
    PO BOX 785

    Thank you & May
    God Bless

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