Adult Ministries


Encore! is not age-specific, but targets adults approximately 45 and older, who desire to connect in meaningful ways with other adults in a similar time of life.

“Our act isn’t over, we’re making an encore!”


This ministry is motivated by the need for an affinity group that will:

  • Serve as a doorway for visitors to the City Church to meet and connect with other adults.
  • Provide an opportunity for fellowship and development of vital relationship within the group.
  • Make opportunities for the seniors of the congregation be recognized, supported, and cared for when they have physical needs and/or health issues. 


Frank & Dora Clarkson

Service Opportunities

Encore looks for opportunities to serve other ministries, individuals, or needs within the church. They have raised money for gift cards at Christmas, provided snacks for our Children’s Church, kept a prayer chain, and looked after the needs of the older members.